Sri Lankan youngster kindly requests to rescue him.

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“The MSC Magnifica ship on a world tour is scheduled to arrive at the Colombo port on the 6th and the President and the Prime Minister have kindly requested him to take it to Sri Lanka,” said Anura Bandara, the only Sri Lankan aboard.

He said the ship had a total of 2,300 passengers and the world sailed on January 5, but the tour had to be halted in Australia due to the Corona epidemic. He added that the journey has commenced.

 “We have been aboard the vessel for 25 days and no corona -covid19 infections have been reported,” he said.

He has arrived at the Port of Colombo to get supplies for the ship at around 6 am tomorrow morning and he has requested Sri Lanka to take him there.

If he fails to return to Sri Lanka, he will have to go back to Europe.

 He says he would like to get back to Sri Lanka tomorrow and express his willingness to go to quarantine for two months.

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