Sri Lanka President ranked in Global Response

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Sri Lanka President Gotabaya Rajapaksa has been ranked ninth position in the Global Response to Infectious Diseases index.

This is an index designed to rank the efficiency and effectiveness of the leadership of the country and the preparedness of its health system to combat COVID 19.

While it is clear that Sri Lanka has been successfully containing and controlling the COVID 19 threat, it is also clear that the crisis is far from over. Sri Lanka is still fighting with an invisible enemy that we have not yet understood fully.

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The fact that this is a global pandemic further complicates the issue. Staying safe while rescuing our economy from a changing world are the challenges before us.

Still, Sri Lanka has reasons to be optimistic. Country has already begun return journey to normalcy. If the current progression continues, by mid May schools and universities can reopen for the second term.

It is hoped that General Elections too could be held before June, allowing people to exercise their franchisers to select the Government that they see fit.

At a recent meeting with the secretaries to the ministries, Sri Lanka President discussed the need to ease the curfew to allow public and private sectors to return to work without undue impediments. The need to protect the local economy was emphasized.

Ministries were instructed to provide the necessary support for agrarian and fisheries sectors as well as other businesses to recover. President also advocated exploring business avenues to create new economic trends.

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