Mahinda Deshapriya responsed to statements

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Generally, neither Election Commission nor Election Commission Chairman respond to statements made by politicians about us, Mahinda Deshapriya stated on facebookpage.

Nevertheless, many people asking for clarification on the serious criticism of the statements made by Election Commission and the statements that politicians/candidates should refrain from promoting their party/candidacy in providing relief to people affected by the Covid 19 disaster.

He further stated that it is unfair to criticize the macro based on this period because it is a statutory election period and the country is in a state of disaster. But as the statement goes, It is not ethical to reply with that tone to be the president of Election Commission at this time.

We have said that these actions should not promote politicians / candidates, their party or candidacy but Election Commission has never said that politicians should not be involved in providing relief to the people.

It is our view that this should not be done only during an election period but under normal circumstances in a civilized country and we know that all good citizens agree with that ,he stated

It mentioned earlier that complaints received from politicians promoting relief. Most of those complaints cannot be dismissed as false and most complaints come from politicians of a particular party. More and more complaints are received from candidates of the same party.

He stated that It has to be said that it applies to every party, group, and candidate. and another is to take advantage of state-owned aid, particularly in the local government, by distributing it to the public at the discretion of the head of the property authority. It is totally wrong.

There are also complaints that the official position of the post is being used by politicians to collect and distribute aid for their political promotion.

If you want to help politicians and the people, the best way to do so is through the state machinery. It is best not to display the photos or videos donated by the candidates and it is thought that a very small number of people, through this grant, he stated further.

It is hoped that it will be clear to all those who do not wish to benefit from our statements and donations that there is nothing wrong with their statements, he stated

.The Election Commission has called for this task to be done purely politically. Also, do not promote party candidates through subsidies Election The commission does not promote or prejudice any party, group or candidate, he stated.

Our allegiance is only to the people, to democracy and the Constitution. Let’s beat Covid-19 and create a good atmosphere for free and fair voting. The glory of democracy is voting, he stated.

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