Easter Sunday attack remembered in Sri Lanka

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Today marks almost one year for the terrorist attacks on Easter Sunday, which have filled the world with tears.

Remembering the resurrection of Jesus Christ, on Easter Day, a group of heartless extremist bombers targeted three Catholic churches and three main hotels.

The death toll from the attacks was 260 and 503 people, including children, women and foreigners, are still suffering from the severe injuries and separation of loved ones.

Most people lost their lives and were injured in the bombing of St. Sebastian’s Church in Katuwapitiya on this day. As a result, 93 people were killed and 213 injured.

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Archbishop Malcolm Cardinal Ranjith has called for a two-minute silence at 8.45 am today, which marks the one year anniversary of the terrorist attack, and to commemorate the victims of the attack at home.

The Thera also expressed his gratitude for the manner in which the investigations into the attack are being carried out by the present government.

Accordingly, the observance of the Day of Remembrance is to be held at 8.40 am with the slightest public gathering. The Thera also requests the people to light a lamp at 8.47 am and perform rituals in Sri Lanka.

According to the prevailing situation in the country due to coronavirus disease, the Cardinal has requested Catholics to sit at home and participate in the liturgy as the special pooja is being broadcast on television and radio channels.

We ,Havelock Magazine, hope that such a tragedy will never happen on this earth, in the hope that our own people who died in the brutal attack, may rest in the faith of the Mother of God in the Christian faith and wish the wounded a speedy recovery.

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