South Korea’s ruling party wins

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South Korea’s ruling party has won a landslide victory in national assembly elections. It was held at peak period of coronavirus outbreak in the world, news media reports

Moon’s left-leaning Democratic party and its smaller affiliate won 180 seats in the 300-seat assembly – the biggest majority in the national assembly by any party since South Korea’s transition to democracy in 1987 – according to the Yonhap news agency. The conservative opposition United Future party and its smaller sister party won 103 seats.

Turnout was 66.2%, higher than any parliamentary elections held in South Korea since 1992.

On Wednesday(15) millions of people, wearing masks and standing at least one metre apart, moved slowly between lines of duct tape at polling stations in one of the first national elections to be held since the global outbreak began.

Before casting their vote they underwent a temperature check, sanitised their hands and put on disposable plastic gloves. Election officials in masks escorted those who failed the temperature check or who were not wearing a mask to separate polling booths, sanitising the facilities after they had voted.

About 13,000 people under self-quarantine due to the virus were allowed to cast ballots immediately after the polls closed, provided they had no symptoms.

The country continued to record a low number of new infections on Thursday(14), reporting 22 new cases – the fourth day in a row they have stayed below 30. The country has a total of 10,613 cases and 229 deaths.

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