Kim Jong Un underwent a surgery?

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North Korea’s top leader Kim Jong Un has been seriously ill following surgery. CNN made the claim in a report released on Tuesday (April 21) quoting a U.S. intelligence official.

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The report said that April 15 was Kim’s grandfather’s birthday. He was absent on the occasion that day. That is why the suspicion that his condition is getting worse is getting stronger. However, he was seen at a government meeting four days ago.

According to another US official, the report said information on Kim’s physical condition was accurate. But it is very difficult to get the actual information there. So it is not known how serious his condition is.

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South Korea-based website Daily NK says Kim’s health has deteriorated for months due to smoking, obesity and overwork. The North Korean leader recently underwent cardiovascular surgery. Only then did he become seriously ill. However, he is currently resting in his villa in Hiangsan County, the report said.

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un recently underwent heart surgery and continues to recuperate from the procedure at a villa outside of Pyongyang, Daily NK stated.

Reports from a Daily NK source in the country suggest that Kim underwent the surgery at the Hyangsan Hospital on Apr. 12. The hospital is located near Mount Myohyang, in North Pyongan Province, and is exclusively for the use of the Kim family.

Kim is reportedly under the care of doctors at the Hyang San Villa, which is near the hospital.

A doctor from the Kim Man Yoo Hospital in Pyongyang reportedly managed Kim’s heart operation along with other doctors with the Korean Red Cross General Hospital and the Pyongyang Medical University who typically handle medical issues concerning the North Korean leader.

While questions over Kim’s health arose when he failed to show up at the ceremony, some observers suggested that his non-attendance at the event was due to fears over the COVID-19 pandemic.

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