How China hid Corona

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The number of death toll in the coronavirus has reported around 150,000 worldwide. Simultaneously, the number of positive cases has reached 2.195 million.But the death reported in China’s origins of the coronavirus is even higher than the official declares. This has been disclosed by most of the world news agencies.

The United States has been saying the same thing since the beginning, the Xinjiang administration has been hiding the number of positive cases and deaths.

for the time being, China has published new information about 1300 deaths.”

The country’s state news agency, Xinhua, said the actual death reported in the coronavirus is now 3869. A total of 1290 names have been added to the list.

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The number of positive cases has also been fixed. Additionally 325 new cases reported and the total number of infected people stands at 50333 in China (17 April).

The country’s state news agency, stated several reasons for delays in providing information about the deaths of these people so far. “As a first reason, many have died at home before going to the doctor, and many of them did not have coronavirus tests at that time. Second, in the severity of the epidemic the medical staff was so busy that they could not submit the information on time”.

As another reason, central network problems such as several private clinics and institutions were allowed to treat coronavirus in the epidemic. Many of them could not connect to the central network. As a result, the number of casualties there has been delayed.

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