COVID 19 put green light on Russia

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The global death reported from the coronavirus is more than 167,000 with more than 2.4 million infections confirmed, causing high disruptions as governments continue to try to slow the spread of the new respiratory illness.

Russian officials reports a record rise in new coronavirus cases, as President Vladimir Putin tried to reassure the country that “the situation is under full control.”

The government task force overseeing the national response to the virus said on April 20 that new cases jumped 4,268  over the previous 24 hours, bringing the nationwide tally in Russia to 47,121 , according to the worldometer.

Just 405 deaths have been confirmed by government officials, a figure that experts and critics have said appears to be a major undercount.

The continued rise in figures comes despite Russia’s early, aggressive moves to respond to the spreading virus and impose tight restrictions. Even before many European nations started imposing restrictions, Moscow moved to shut down much of the country’s vast border with China, where the virus first emerged.

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Moscow’s mayor, who has been at the forefront of the effort to stem the virus’s spread, warned last week that Russia was only at the beginning of a steep rise in cases. The Russian capital has been under a virtual lockdown, with people confined to their homes except for essential errands, foreign media reported.

Millions of observant Russians observed the Orthodox Easter holiday on April 19, with many appearing to heed church leaders’ calls to stay home and not attend church services in person.

In a recorded video address released, Putin sought to reassure Russians that the government was trying to curtail the disease.

“All branches of governments are working rhythmically, responsibly, in an organized manner,” Putin said. “The situation is under full control.”

Russian more Updates

The Russian military will quarantine everyone involved in rehearsals for Russia’s postponed Victory Day Parade, the Defense Ministry said Monday(20) following reports that some participants have tested positive for the coronavirus.

Around 500 demonstrators gathered in the southern Russian city of Vladikavkaz to protest against job losses and lack of information about the coronavirus outbreak, Russia’s MBKh News website reported Yesterday(20).

Russians should stop coming to Crimea during the coronavirus pandemic, its Moscow-backed leader said Monday after a surge in traffic to the annexed peninsula this weekend.

Russia has extended visas and other temporary residence permits for foreigners from March 15 to June 15 during the coronavirus pandemic that has shut national borders around the world. Putin’s act bans authorities from canceling visas and work permits, as well as from deporting and denying people refugee and temporary asylum status until June 15.

Russia says it has so far carried out over 2 million tests nationwide.

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