Coronavirus falls under a digital world war

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Foreign media reported that China has ramped up its disinformation campaign and is now releasing videos in the Middle East promoting the conspiracy theory that the United States is responsible for the coronavirus.

Above video published on YouTube on March 17 by the Chinese state-owned China Global TV Network’s Arabic channel, a woman who goes by the name “Ms. V” is seen speaking in Arabic and spreading disinformation about the origin of the coronavirus, blaming it on the United States. 

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The video, which is titled “Is the new Corona virus made by the United States of America?” according to the provided English subtitles, is directed towards a Middle Eastern audience.

She states, without evidence, that “it is clear that the virus in China was transmitted from abroad.”

“Ms. V” then reinforces conspiracy theory that the United States military spread the virus during the 2019 Military World Games, which took place in Wuhan. She elaborated by saying that “it makes sense” that the virus would have originated in the country where there are the most infections.

China claims it has limited the spread of the virus to just over 80,000 in the past month, which given its population size of 1.3 billion, has experts questioning the legitimacy of those reports. That skepticism was raised when China changed its reporting of cases from Wuhan, showing 50 percent more cases than originally reported.

More than 2.4 million people have been infected by the deadly virus worldwide and there have been more than 170,000 deaths, according to Johns Hopkins’ latest tracking data.

No one has given the evidences to prove how it was originated, this is not a time to politicize anymore for inviting to a ground in next world war”

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