China changes country Map adding Arunachal

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China has added parts of Arunachal Pradesh and expandeds its international boundaries, an updated version issued by Sky Map has revealed.

Sky Map, China’s authority on digital maps, is constructed and operated by a unit directly under Beijing’s National Surveying and Mapping Geographic Information Bureau.

Recently, Sky Map users discovered that it has updated the country’s map with the latest national borders, including India’s Arunachal Pradesh, foreign media reported on April 21.

Arunachal Pradesh, a hill state in the Northeast bordering Tibet, was part of British India in 1913-14 and formally included in India when the McMohan Line was established as the border between India and Tibet in 1938.

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China continues to consider Arunachal Pradesh a part of Tibet, which it occupied in 1951.

The map of China, until now, is based on the 1989 edition of the Sky Map of its national borders. Though since then, China has successively solved its border issues with Russia and Central Asian countries, but none of them have been reflected in the map.

However, as per a foreign media report in Chinese, some users noticed that Sky Map has now updated the geographic information at the “county” level.

“The county boundaries of some countries clearly transcend the red colour marked 1989 edition of the national border, especially in Tibet area bordering Bhutan and India,” the report said.

Source:-National Herald

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