Angela Merkel warns German to re-think

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German Chancellor Angela Merkel warned public that the restrictions during the coronavirus crisis in Germany would continue for a long time, on Thursday(23).

“We are not living in the final phase of the pandemic, but are still at its beginning,” said Merkel during her speech in the Bundestag, the lower house of the German parliament.

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The numbers of new cases of COVID-19 and recoveries in Germany were only a “fragile interim success,” she stated.

“We are moving on thin ice”

The situation was “deceptive,” she continued. The current COVID-19 numbers in Germany would say nothing about how things would look in one or two weeks.

However, Merkel was concerned about the implementation of last week’s decisions by the federal governments which she described as “very brisk” or even “too brisk” in parts.

She did not specify which federal states or which implementations she was referring to.

Last week, the contact restrictions in Germany were extended until May 3. The country has taken the first steps to lifting its lockdown by allowing some smaller non-essential shops to reopen.

“With the discipline of the last weeks, we have slowed the spread of the virus”, Merkel said.

Germany has the 5th best COVID-19 caseload in the back of America, Spain, Italy and France.

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