The Health Minister also commended the dedicated service in the Covid-19

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Out of the 102 Covid-19 patients, four we discharged from the IDH last (26) having made a complete recovery and were sent home. However, they were advised to remain in their homes in self-quarantine for a further period, said Health Minister Pavithra Wanniarachchi making a special statement at the National Operation Centre for the Prevention of the Covid-19.

Accordingly, the minister said that the medical tests conducted had not found any positive patient by the time the statement was issued last (26).

Minister Wanniarachchi expressed belief that the patients currently receiving treatment would gradually recover and be discharged from hospital, adding that the whole nation should be grateful to the doctors, nurses, minor hospital staff and all others including the drivers for their dedicated service in caring for the ill disregarding their own safety.

However, the minister regretted that some section of society were shunning these dedicated health workers and they were being discriminated. Therefore, the minister appealed to the public not to be ungrateful to these health workers who put their own safety at risk to care for their fellow countrymen at a time of need and urged the people to treat them with respect and gratitude.

 The Health Minister also commended the dedicated service of the tri forces in expeditiously setting up the quarantine centres and assisting in the quarantine process under the directions of the Army Commander. Hence, she said the whole nation is indebted to them for the service they rendered at a time of crisis. She also thanked the Air Force personnel for constructing the Corona ward for patients at the IDH and rendering their contribution towards the nation’s battle against the Coronavirus.

She said that all of them are contributors to the country’s efforts in battling the Covid-19 epidemic. The Minister also appreciated the dedication of the Suvaseriya Ambulance Service personnel who took a great risk in responding swiftly to the emergency calls at this time of national need.

Minister Wanniarachchi also stated that based on a decision taken by the President, 2 million Samurdhi recipients could obtain an interest free loan of 10,000 under a six month relief period repayable in 1 ½ years. Accordingly, the Health Minister requested Samurdhi households to get in touch with their area Samurdhi officer who would facilitate this loan.

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