Work from home extended in Sri Lanka

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The government has announced a week from tomorrow (06) to Friday 10 as working from home for both public and private sector organizations.

The previous week had also been designated as working from home.

However, in view of the spread of coronavirus, curfews in Colombo, Gampaha, Kalutara, Puttalam, Kandy and Jaffna districts which have been identified as high risk zones continue to be in effect until further notice.

The government says all curfews will be relaxed tomorrow (06) at 6.00 am and the government will announce a curfew from 2 pm onwards.

Accordingly, traffic between the districts is strictly prohibited for any purpose other than essential services.

The government has also made arrangements to ensure that people will be able to buy essential food and other items at home during the curfew.

People who are engaged in farming and engaged in the production of small tea plantations and export crops are allowed to work in any district.

The government is urging the public to take responsibility for these measures and instructions, since the measures that have been taken to stop the spread of the coronavirus are purely for the benefit of the people.

Villages designated as isolated areas in Colombo, Kalutara and Kandy districts are further considered as isolated areas. The government says that anyone entering or leaving these villages will be completely banned until further notice.

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