Sri Lanka Curfew Notice-Updated

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The curfew in Ratnapura and Pelmadulla Police areas will not be lifted today(09 April) as announced earlier, Police said.

There will be no change to curfew timings in other areas where the curfew is to be lifted for a few hours.

However, the curfew in Colombo and a few other districts will continue until further notice.

Meanwhile, permission granted to use official services identity cards as a valid curfew pass for those engaged in essential services and certain other sectors have been extended till 30 April, Police said.

Among those who qualify for this facility are employees of Ports, Customs, Immigration and Emigration, Petroleum, Telecommunications, Water and Electricity, Agricultural, SLTB, Railways, Treasury/Finance Ministry, Central Bank, Private and State Banks and Media.

All others have to obtain curfew passes if they intend to travel and those who travel without the required documents face arrest.

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