A vaccine could be ready by September

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Sarah Gilbert, professor of vaccine science at the University of Oxford, told that her team had “80 percent confidence” that the vaccine would work, and that human trials would begin in the next two weeks. Scientists believe that this is one of the most advanced efforts in the world, contrary to the prediction that a vaccine against the coronavirus could be ready by September and possibly early next year, reported the times.

The British government has promised to fund the production of millions of herbicides in advance if her group’s vaccine looks good.

Britain said it would be available to the public immediately if it proves to be effective. Countries around the world are trying to find a vaccine against coronavirus, and Professor Sarah Gilbert’s team in the UK is even more advanced.

She has been working seven days a week to speed up the vaccine development stages.

“I think based on other things we have done with this vaccine, there is a greater chance it will work,” she said.

“It’s not just a prediction, but we have more data to look at every week. But I have finished it 80 percent. That is my personal view. When countries do not spread the virus, it is very difficult to test and treat a vaccine.

However, one of the countries that tested it said, “If viral transmission is found to be high, we can achieve our efficiency results very quickly.

When the Times asked the professor if the best chance for a successful vaccination was in September, she replied: “Yes, we should go that month. Only if everything goes well, but no one can promise it will work.”

It may take months to produce millions of doses, and Professor Gilbert said he would talk to the government about the product before the final result. If the vaccine appears to be effective and viable, it will cost millions of dollars to prepare.

With Rachel Sylvester, Chris Smyth and Oliver Wright

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