Europeans Appreciated Sri Lanka Mission For COVID 19

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President of the Presidential Task Force on Essential Services Basil Rajapaksa and Ambassadors of the European Union had a special meeting to discuss about the future of Sri Lanka’s health and economic sector, yesterday (08 April)

It was revealed that the assistance extended by the Government and other agencies for the safe return of visitors from European Union countries during this period was appreciated.

Further, representatives of the European Union welcomed how the health authorities and heads of government managed the COVID 19 situation and discussed the future of the country’s health and economic sector.

Representing the European Union at this meeting were the German Ambassador JOERN ROHDE, Ambassador of the Netherlands TANJA GONGGRIJP, ​​Ambassador of France ERIC LAVERTU, Ambassador of Italy to RITA MANNELLA, Ambassador of Romania to VICTOR CHIUJDEA, VICTOR CHIUJDEER of Switzerland. Gentlemen were present.

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