It’s time to move from Analog to Digital Flatform with ezPayslip

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At ezPayslip Digital Platform, a digital solution empowers payroll professionals to streamline Payslip delivery process and manage your data and resources efficiently on one user friendly cloud platform.

Also, because your employees will be able to get the payslips promptly once you released it, as well as managing their own emails they can easily get the monthly payslips, you should also find that your payroll team will receive significantly less enquiries and requests freeing them up to focus on other key tasks.

What’s more, key stakeholders can verify payslip information within the portal before the payslips are published, saving your team precious time and resources producing reports.

We, E-tecnovos ,do this by building innovative Payslip delivery process software which you can use to deliver efficient reliable payroll slips, to each of your employess and selected workforce in your company or work station.

A total solution for Payslip handling is no more a rocket science.

ezPayslip Digital Platform is absolutely designed to simplify the Payslip delivery process with great features.

Just upload your payroll and,

# Generate Payslips

# Keep them / Backup them

# View, Download or Print

# Email to staff securely

# Maintain all your data in a single platform

We are with 50+ happy customers and providing them monthly support, 24×7 help desk, and professional service by a Chartered Accountant.Get this amazing product by selecting the perfect plan for your company to experience Payroll Simplicity and ultimate productivity.!

Meantime, the digitization of Payslips the executives depends on amazing assets that can be a minimal effort for an organization whenever set up inside. Also, it requires time and skill to set them up effectively, so as to benefit as much as possible from them and dodge potential slip-up

What ezPayslip offer
  • Monthly maintenance
  • 24 X 7 supports service
  • Professional service for payroll set up ( Chartered Accountant)

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