Exempted from demurrage and entry charges at Ports

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President Gotabaya Rajapaksa has instructed the Sri Lanka Ports Authority (SLPA) to immediately provide necessary facilities to ships calling at Ports in the country during the curfew period.

Accordingly, the Chairman of SLPA General (Rtd) Daya Rathnayake said all ships have been exempted from demurrage and entry charges.

The President had also directed to offer several more reliefs in order to continue regular operations at Ports, the President’s Media Division reported.

Measures will be taken to grant required facilities to the business community at Port premise itself to ensure uninterrupted import and export mechanism.

Sri Lanka Customs, SLPA terminals operated within the Colombo Port (JCT/UCT and SAGT) and other privately owned terminals will collaborate in this effort.  Facilities will be provided covering every segment, the SLPA chairman said.

1. During the curfew period, yard and warehouse rental charges for imported containers and goods and imported empty containers have been completely removed.

2. Harbor gate access permits / individual access permits currently available for trucks, lorries, tippers and bowsers used by the Port for its transportation purposes and harbor gate access permits currently available to agencies and companies for their common / private vehicles (vans, cars, motorcycles) are also valid during the curfew period.

3. The Sri Lanka Police has taken steps to issue licenses for private sector workers engaged in essential and related duties on the recommendation of the Sri Lanka Ports Authority.

4. Facilities have been arranged to obtain fuel needed for the container / freight carriers operating between the terminals and inter terminals at the port.

5. SLPA employees engaged in essential services are to be provided sanitation, welfare and transportation facilities.

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